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Targeted outreach

Too many digital marketing firms simply drive people to your website and consider their job done. In reality, no matter how good your website is, the vast majority of visitors will not convert into real prospects because it is impossible to design your website in such a way that it engages every visitor in a manner specific to his or her interest or background. Our marketing funnel is designed in such a way that we attract prospective students based on a specific interest or question they have and then immediately provide content that is of value to them.


Even with targeted outreach, the majority of prospects do not convert immediately. However, by obtaining prospective students' email addresses, we are able to create a relationship and foster a sense of trust and reliability over time. We do this by sending a set of emails specific to that person's background at calculated intervals. For many prospects, leaving their home country to become one of your students is a big step, so it should be no surprise that the sale cycle is longer than it is for other businesses. Our integrated marketing system accounts for that, thereby allowing us to create a marketing structure that will result in 2-5 times more leads than what would come from simpler methods.

Foreign languages

ESL schools that recruit students internationally encounter barriers in that their prospects often do not speak the same language they do (yet). We at Veritas Mobile Solutions understand this, and so, we have strategically positioned ourselves as a company that can specifically help ESL schools by appealing to foreign-language markets. We are currently set up to handle projects in Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese, but we are willing to consider setting up capabilities for other languages as needed.


In addition to our outreach solutions that increase your total number of students, we also provide custom-built, custom-branded mobile apps that can help you to more effectively stay connected to your students.

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