Email is a powerful marketing tool.

Return on investment for email marketing compared to other marketing expenditures.

Return on investment for email marketing compared to other marketing expenditures.

Why email?

Along with custom mobile apps, email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective of all digital marketing channels, despite the fact that it has been around for so long. While many people have trained their eyes to gloss over banner advertisements, the same people tend to respond well to marketing emails when they are done correctly, especially if the customer knowingly opted in to receive emails and did so expecting to regularly receive messages about special promotions.

Why hire us?

"Anyone can write an email, right?" While this is certainly true, it does take time and expertise to craft an effective marketing email. And even if business owners do have the expertise and the tools to do it, they usually do not have the time. Let us take this burden from you and do what we know best.

The wi-fi connection

The average mobile-empowered consumer loves free wi-fi. This presents businesses with a vital marketing opportunity. We can provide your business with a marketing solution that provides free high-speed Internet to customers in exchange for their email addresses. We can then take the email addresses gathered by your wi-fi system and apply them to your email marketing list.

Marketing integration

We can integrate our email marketing solutions with our other solutions in such a way that the benefit of each is maximized. For example, we can use any existing email list you may have to encourage customers to download the free app and take advantage of your new loyalty programs. We can also use the app as a way of collecting email addresses.

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