9 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Custom Mobile App

Restaurant app screenshots.

Restaurant app screenshots.

Most local businesses can benefit from custom-built mobile apps. However, restaurants in particular can derive a huge amount of value from them. Here are some things that our custom apps help restaurants to do:

  1. Encourage impulse sales with location-based deals. Set up GPS coupons that go out to people within a certain radius of the location or when they pass through a specific area that you have marked on the map.

  2. Encourage impulse sales with easy access to online ordering. Build a full delivery menu right into the app and accept payment directly through the app.

  3. Drive repeat business through loyalty programs. Encourage patrons to come back again and again to earn points toward rewards.

  4. Streamline operations through automated order fulfillment. Allow patrons to place orders through the app and pay through the app. Receive orders by email or with an automatic print-out.

  5. Increase sales among millennials. Statistically, millennials are highly mobile-reliant and would prefer to both order and pay through their phones.

  6. Optimize non-peak times with promotions. By using the app to expand the reach of your promotions, give customers reason to come back at times when your seats are normally empty.

  7. Drive sales through increased social sharing. Use push notifications, loyalty rewards, and other features of the app to encourage patrons to give you positive reviews and share updates about your restaurant on social media.

  8. Increase positive reviews on ranking sites that matter. Use push notifications to share positive Yelp reviews and invite more positive Yelp reviews from patrons.

  9. Create a sense of community among patrons. Use social functions in the app to encourage patrons to see the restaurant not just as a restaurant, but as a center for social activity.

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