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Features for Client-Facing Apps

With your own custom business app, you can create and harness a dedicated customer community that will feed growth for years to come. Some of the features that your app can employ include the following:

  • In-app store. Display all of your items in the app and allow for purchasing through the app. This store can be custom built, but we can also embed an existing Shopify, Magento, or Volusion store that can simultaneously be displayed on your website.
  • Payment processing. Make it easy for customers and donors to submit payments right in your app.
  • Menu for food ordering. Apps for restaurants can display the entire menu, arrange for delivery, and accept payment directly. Owners have the option of making a custom-built menu for the app or embedding their GrubHub menu.
  • Reservations. Allow customers to easily make reservations through the app. Good for restaurants, consultancies, etc.
  • Loyalty programs. Give customers incentive to come back again and again. Instead of dealing with old-fashioned loyalty cards, run the entire program through your app.
  • GPS coupons. Issue special coupons to customers based on their GPS location. This encourages impulse buying.
  • QR coupons. Allow customers to scan coupons from direct mailing campaigns, print advertisements, etc. and apply them to their purchases.
  • GPS directions. Embed quick and easy access to Google Maps to bring your customers to your place of business from wherever they are. Include multiple locations.
  • Email feedback form. Allow customers to easily drop you a line and tell you how you are doing.
  • Fan Wall. Like the wall of a Facebook page, a Fan Wall allows customers to make public posts and create chatter about your business.
  • Custom social network. (Premium feature.) Organize your customers, students, church members, etc. into groups; allow them to interact with each other freely through the app; and create a strong sense of community and involvement.

If you have an idea for another feature, ask!

Streamline your operations and organize your staff.

Features for Staff-Facing Apps

With a custom enterprise application from Veritas Mobile Solutions, you can build a managerial framework that fits your business model exactly. The capabilities of custom Veritas apps include:

  • Client relationship management (CRM). Record all interactions with clients and prospects.
  • Off-site staff tracking, organization, and management. Just because you are not physically with them, that does not mean that you cannot effectively manage your employees.
  • Logistical tracking and management. Arm logistical employees with the tools they need to stay efficient and prevent mistakes.
  • Time sheet management. Accurately keep track of your employees' working hours.
  • GPS tracking and integration. Keep tabs on your personnel as they move about on the map.
  • QR code scanning. Use mobile devices to scan codes on physical items and track logistics.
  • Key business formulas. Simplify frequent calculations by making them a part of your app.
  • Project management. Bring all of the aspects of your app together in an intuitive way.

Many more options are also available.


It is common for custom enterprise applications with capabilities comparable to those listed above to cost at least $15,000. As an example, check out this competitor's website. Another competitor says that businesses should expect custom mobile apps to cost between $100,000 and $500,000.

Veritas Mobile Solutions offers custom-made mobile apps at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.


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